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My dog Olive nearly died from'babesiosis'

Dog owner Hollie Wilson’s dream French holiday with husband Craig and two dogs Olive and Badger turned into a nightmare when Olive, a pointer, was bitten by a tick.

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My dog seems'off-colour'

“He’s just not himself”. This is what I’ve found myself repeating when referring to Itchy during the course of the last few months.

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The Risk of Ticks

Ticks are generally unpleasant creatures. More than that, they pose a threat to the health of your pet and your family. But knowing the health risks that ticks can create is the first step to preventing them.

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Big Tick Month is here!

Following on from the results from The Big Tick Project, we’ve launched a national campaign to educate the UK about the threat of ticks.

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The Big Tick Tour

Over the next few months, The Big Tick team will be touring the country with our Big Tick Tent.

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A Real Life Story: Oscar The Cavapoo

Read Frances from Oscar The Cavapoo's story of Lyme Disease: "Shortly after being bitten by a tick I became extremely poorly, Subsequently my life as I knew it in 2011 changed drastically."

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