Big Tick Month is here!

Following on from the results from The Big Tick Project, we’ve launched a national campaign to educate the UK about the threat of ticks. During Big Tick Month this May, vet practices across the country will be speaking to pet owners who come into the practice about the tick threat and how to stay protected whether in the UK or traveling abroad.

A list of the practices supporting Big Tick Month is available on our UK threat map. You can find your nearest practice by searching your postcode. And after Tick Month, our practices will still be supporting the campaign so you can call in to your practice for some information.

My dog Olive nearly died from'babesiosis'

Dog owner Hollie Wilson’s dream French holiday with husband Craig and two dogs Olive and Badger turned into a nightmare when Olive, a pointer, was bitten by a tick.

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My dog seems'off-colour'

“He’s just not himself”. This is what I’ve found myself repeating when referring to Itchy during the course of the last few months.

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The Risk of Ticks

Ticks are generally unpleasant creatures. More than that, they pose a threat to the health of your pet and your family. But knowing the health risks that ticks can create is the first step to preventing them.

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