Road show - what we've been asked

The Big Tick roadshow has travelled the length of the country in our aim to speak to as many pet owners as possible and raise awareness of the threat of ticks. Attending events including Dog Fest and CountryFile Live, our team has held talks, checked hundreds of dogs and even removed several ticks from dogs.

Having spoken to many pet owners, here are a few of the most common questions and answers from discussions with you:

My pet is using a treatment, but I still find ticks on my pet

Not all products provide tick treatment alongside flea protection and for some flea and tick protection, the flea protection lasts longer than the tick protection. If you require flea and tick protection make sure you ask you vet specifically for a product that provides protection against fleas and ticks for the same length of time.

Are there treatments available for cats to protect against ticks?

Similar to dogs, you can get flea and tick protection for your cat available from your vet.

 Is it ok to only use collars on walks in higher risk tick areas?

For collars to be effective, they need to be fitted properly to the pet and kept on at all times. If your pet likes to bathe and play in water it can  reduce how effective they  are against fleas and ticks.

What do I do if I find a tick on my pet or myself?

You can find our information here

Are natural products as effective?

We are not aware of any scientific evidence of natural products being effective or not being effective. Based on scientific evidence, we would advise that to reduce the risk of disease transmission from ticks, protection which either repels or kills tick rapidly.

New case of babesiosis in the UK

A new case of babesiosis, a malaria-like tick-borne parasitic disease caused by infection with Babesia, on an untravelled dog was confirmed in the UK last month.

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Matt Dawson and The Big Tick Project

The Big Tick Project is pleased to have had support from ex England Rugby international Matt Dawson. Matt joined the team over the summer, sharing his own personal story and raising the profile of the Big Tick Project across the country.

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