Spreading the word

 Our aim of the Big Tick Project is to educate and inform as many pet owners as possible about the increasing threat of ticks in the UK both to dogs that travel outside the UK and those that don’t. It's estimated that 5.9 million UK households have a dog, however, research found that 47% of pet-owners were not aware that they too are at risk of infection from tick-borne diseases.

 We’ve been sharing information across this website, face-to-face conversations and by creating an online community on twitter, Facebook and Instagram which keeps growing and growing. Since our community began in spring 2017, we’ve reached 3.9 million people, with specific targeting of dog owners and have shared over 1,000 posts, images and videos with key messages.

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New case of babesiosis in the UK

A new case of babesiosis, a malaria-like tick-borne parasitic disease caused by infection with Babesia, on an untravelled dog was confirmed in the UK last month.

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Matt Dawson and The Big Tick Project

The Big Tick Project is pleased to have had support from ex England Rugby international Matt Dawson. Matt joined the team over the summer, sharing his own personal story and raising the profile of the Big Tick Project across the country.

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Road show - what we've been asked

The Big Tick roadshow has travelled the length of the country in our aim to speak to as many pet owners as possible and raise awareness of the threat of ticks. Here are some of the most common questions we've been asked.

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