Ticks in the UK

In recent years, ticks and the diseases they carry have become a rapidly growing problem across the UK.1, 3  In fact, in Great Britain the distribution of ticks is estimated to have expanded by 17% in the last ten years, and the abundance of ticks have increased at 73% of the locations surveyed by the Big Tick Project.2 This growing threat is thought to be due, in large part, to the warm, wet winters that the UK has been experiencing. This means that ticks are able to start their feeding earlier and for longer throughout the year.3 And this longer season of tick activity represents a great danger to us and the pets that we love so much. 


Vets and pet owners across the UK who took part in The Big Tick Project, conducted by MSD and the University of Bristol, have helped us better understand the distribution of ticks and tick-borne diseases that affect dogs. See the full results of the study here.



The Tick Map

Using our interactive map, assess the risk of ticks in your area based on results from The Big Tick Project. Enter your postal code to discover species risks near you and find a list of vet practices supporting The Big Tick Project you can talk to.


An Owner's Story

Read Paula’s story and discover the reality of taking care of a pet affected by tick-borne disease.

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Back the campaign

We have joined forces with vets across the country to call on the Government to get a comprehensive tick control programme reinstated into the Pet Travel Scheme so that trips abroad with our pets stay safe and UK dogs are not exposed to the risk of imported tick-borne disease. A big thank you to everyone who has supported this campaign.

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