An Owner's Story

An owner's story

Paula, who owns the pet shop PK’s Pets, in Fleet, says that the disease had a devastating effect on the Kelpie-cross Chaos, a then happy, healthy seven-year-old dog.

“While we were out walking, Chaos picked up a tick that I didn’t know about until we got home. I removed the tick and, 18 months later in June 2001, my dog was diagnosed with Lyme Disease.”

“It was probably three months until she started to show any symptoms. She started to walk as though she had bruised feet, and then after about eight months she started to present signs similar to what you would see with meningitis. So, she was very stiff in her shoulder and very stiff in her neck, and started blinking and squinting.”

“It was heart-breaking putting her through so many procedures, including lumbar punctures and MRI scans, before we got a diagnosis. It took three courses of antibiotics before she tested clear, so the disease was a devil to get rid of. I don’t think people are aware of how much stress it can cause an animal to have the disease.”

Paula Kent’s dog Chaos contracted Lyme Disease after being bitten by a tick while out walking near their home in Fleet, Hampshire.

Time for changes to the Pet Travel Scheme?

We are joining forces with vets across the country to call on the Government to get a comprehensive tick control programme reinstated into the Pet Travel Scheme so that trips abroad with our pets stay safe and UK dogs are not exposed to the risk of imported tick-borne disease. If you agree that this campaign is important you can get involved by writing to your local parliamentary candidates explaining why introducing tick control for dogs before, during and after travel abroad is so important.


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