UK Tick Threat Map

This interactive tick map, created with the results from last year’s Big Tick Project survey, is a great way to help keep your pet protected. Because even if you live in a low risk area, the widespread prevalence of ticks in the UK and the active nature of your pets puts them at risk of exposure. Use the map to search for the types of ticks and tick-borne diseases that are prevalent in different areas across the UK. Simply add your postal code below and uncover the tick risks near you.

Use the tick map to identify
your local tick threat

Tick Threat




Zoom in to see which tick species were hiding in your area and how many were found there.

Select tick species below to see which were hiding in your area and how many were found there.

  • Ixodes Ricinus

    Castor bean tick / Sheep tick / Wood tick

  • Ixodes Hexagonas

    Hedgehog tick

  • Ixodes Canisuga

    Dog tick

  • Dermacentor

    Red sheep tick

  • Unspecified

Visit the ‘Get acquainted with ticks’ page to find out more about the most common tick species and examine their profiles.

Tick risk
area key

  • High risk
  • High-med risk
  • Med risk
  • Low-med risk
  • Low risk
  • No data
The big tick project
Scale Graphic

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